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Unicorn Prime Services is best Amazon SPN provide 360 degree solutions

Unicorn Prime Services offer you a complete package of  Amazon Services – Photo-shoot, Cataloging, Sale Boost & Account Management etc. If you are planning to get started on Amazon and or have an established business then we will give you perfect assistance to launch you on the Amazon Platform. As we are the Amazon Partner and the best Service provider, we have 360-degree solutions that are comprehensive and all including from the first moment when you will connect with us.

Unicorn Prime Services Pvt. Ltd.

Best Amazon SPN Services


Cataloging/ listing

we help our customers to display their items amazingly on Amazon commercial center with the goal that postings can impact greatest planned clients for purchasing choice. We provide attractive content for products.

Complete Account Management

We set up your Amazon account handling the entire process of registering, proceeding further to product listing and more. We provide complete solution to grow up your sales on Amazon Marketplace & develop your business on Amazon. We are best in our work. We are Best Amazon SPN

Seller Reinstatement

selling privileges of an Amazon seller are removed if Amazon has grounds to believe that the seller has violated its policies. Reinstatement of a suspended account is the process to get the seller’s account back up and running. We provide POA related to Amazon Account & Amazon Account Reinstated.

Account Health Care

The Account Health page provides you an overview of your seller account's adherence to the performance targets and policies required to sell on Amazon. We help to maintain Account Health. Provide POA for Improvement in Account Health.

Sales Boost / Advertise Optimization

Unicorn Prime Services Pvt. Ltd. is authorized Amazon SPN Services provider. Higher product visibility to customers in the marketplace can lead to improved sales. This service offers a cleanup of product search keywords and replace them with rich keywords.

EBC / A+ Cataloging

Build your brand and showcase your brand story online. Differentiate your products from others by giving customers an in-depth view of brand and product. We provide premium imagery & rich cataloging, scale shots, A+ pages, 360 degree videos, etc. to enrich your existing product catalogs.

About Amazon Services


Every product on Amazon needs one or more product images. The primary image of your product is called the “MAIN”. The MAIN image represents a product in the search results and browse pages, and is the first image customers see on a product detail page. Remember, the images you choose to upload for your product will impact customer buying choices, and so quality matters. Choose images that are clear, easy to understand, information-rich and attractively presented.

Amazon have some guideline for Products shoot. Seller have to complete all criteria before uploading product images on Amazon.

  • Images must accurately represent the product and show only the product that’s for sale, with minimal or no propping.
  • The product and all of its features must be clearly visible.
  • MAIN images must have a pure white background (pure white blends in with the Amazon search and product detail pages — RGB colour values of 255, 255, 255).
  • MAIN images must be professional photographs of the actual product (graphics, illustrations, mock-ups or placeholders are not allowed). They must not show excluded accessories; props that might confuse the customer; text that is not part of the product; or logos, watermarks or inset images.
  • MAIN images must not be multiple views of the same product.
  • Images must match the product title.
  • The product must fill at least 85% of the image area.
  • Images must have more than 72 dpi resolution.
  • Images should be 1,000 pixels or larger in either height or width. This minimum size requirement enables the zoom function on the website. Zoom has been proven to enhance sales. The smallest your file can be is 500 pixels on its longest side.
  • Amazon accepts JPEG (.jpg), TIFF (.tif) or GIF (.gif) file formats, but JPEG is preferred.
  • The product must not be on a mannequin, except for stockings or socks.
  • Images must not contain a model unless the product is apparel or an apparel accessory worn by a model.
  • Images must not be out of focus, blurry, pixelated, have jagged edges or be cropped by a frame edge.
  • If the product is on a model, the model must be standing (not sitting, kneeling, leaning, lying down or in other positions).
  • The product must be out of its packaging or shown without external brand tags, except for stockings or socks.
  • Images must not contain nudity or be sexually suggestive.

We provide complete solution & fulfill all criteria & provide perfect shoot for Amazon.


We handle the complete catalogue service for Amazon India, (or other country specific amazon sites). This includes creating database of photographs of products and linking them with appropriate content written by our expert content writers to convert visitors to buyers while giving our maximum information in the most concise way.

We provide both type of listing – Basic as well as Detailed cataloguing. Perfect description with specialties (Bullet point) of products with searching keywords for organic sale.

Boost Service

We offer premium Amazon boost services that help drive traffic and improve conversions on your Amazon product pages. Since this is an open competitive marketplace we keep tabs on prices and help you make the best offers.

We are a young and dynamic company having strong work ethos and commitment towards success. We believe in developing long term associations and work towards client satisfaction. We are the Oldest Amazon Marketing Services Experts / PPC Consultants. We are providing our services to more than 100 sellers. We offer varied services across the spectrum of digital marketing and ecommerce. Specially for Amazon we offer following 

  1. Amazon Marketing Services (PPC services).
  2. Amazon SEO Services.

If you are not familiar with both or either of them here is short description for both:

Amazon Advertising Services (PPC services) : It broadly covers two type of PPC services

  • Sponsored Products
  • Display Advertisement

Sponsored Products is actually a product which is advertised on amazon for a better visibility, which in turn enhances its sale. Seller is charged by amazon on per click basis. The cost of click is determined by the competition in that particular category.

Display Advertising: This service is used for brand enhancement, consist of a banner with product information displayed usually on the TOP/Side of the page & at many other places on Amazon. Once a potential customer clicks on the banner, he/she lands on the online store of that advertiser or customised Amazon page of that seller.

Amazon SEO services: With Burgeoning Products on the E portal, Persistent efforts are required to make your product stand out and get notice when a prospective buyer is searching for same, this is what SEO Services does. SEO services focus on Product listings with Right Keywords and Categories, managing reviews etc.

Account Management







·        REPRICING




Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)

Competition on Amazon is cut-throat. Sellers are constantly trying to find new ways to make their products stand out in a crowded marketplace.

What is Enhanced Brand Content?

Amazon A+ or Amazon EBC content. It is a feature that allows Brand Owners (sellers and vendors) to enhance the product descriptions of branded ASINs with rich media content. In a nutshell, it enables sellers to convert their boring text descriptions into engaging, and interactive Visual Content. 

You can tell your brand story, add product comparisons, and do much more with A+ or Amazon EBC. If you’re doing it right, A+ content in your product detail pages can result in higher conversion rates, increased traffic, and increased sales.

Note: Unlike plain text product descriptions, A+ content is not indexed by Amazon. Therefore, it is better to focus on the copy, rather than keywords for Amazon EBC. 

Amazon EBC vs A++: Key differences

While the underlying idea behind Amazon EBC and A++ content is the same, there are some key differences. These are your options when creating Enhanced Brand Content on Amazon:

  • Availability: All vendors
  • Modules available: 12 basic modules
  • Max modules per page: 5
  • Content width: 970 pixels (not as wide as the full page)

A++, considering it is an exclusive and paid service, provides brands with more options.

  • Availability: Invite only
  • Modules available: 16 interactive modules + 12 basic modules
  • Max modules per page: 7
  • Content width: 1464 pixels (brands have the option to create content for the full width of the product page)

Both A+ and A++ content will be automatically optimized for mobile by Amazon

Seller Reinstatement

when your Amazon seller account gets suspended. If you are in need of resolving it quickly. selling privileges of an Amazon seller are removed if Amazon has grounds to believe that the seller has violated its policies.


  • Listing suspension – occurs when a certain product listing gets suspended for a particular reason (more on the list of reasons later)
  • Account suspension – occurs when the entire seller account has been blocked or suspended, resulting in a loss of sellers’ rights on Amazon’s platform. That means the seller will not be allowed to sell anything during this suspension period until the problem has been addressed, and the account has been reinstated. 

The major drawback of an account suspension is that all the costs associated with the seller’s products, such as supplier fees, storage costs, employee salaries, etc. will continue to drain your capital resources until the issue is resolved.

The next important step is to submit what is called a Plan of Action (POA). It is basically a letter of appeal that states how you plan to resolve this issue. Amazon will then review your appeal letter to judge whether or not to lift the suspension

  1. Introduction

Provide a brief explanation of who you are, what your business seller name is, what you are selling on Amazon, and the reason your account got suspended.

  1. Description

Give a detailed description of the suspension issue(s), providing details of how you identified the root cause of the issue and why it occurred. 

  1. Action Plan

Even if you feel that you are innocent, take full responsibility for the issue and describe the actionable steps you plan on taking (and the steps you have already taken since the suspension period). Provide an in-depth explanation of the long term changes being made by you or your team members to prevent the issue from occurring again in the future.

  1. Conclusion

The concluding paragraph should reiterate briefly the steps you plan on taking to resolve the issue, after which you should request politely to have your seller rights reinstated as soon as possible.




Once you’re a successfully registered Amazon seller. You can get training of Amazon Seller Account. How to handle Account. We provide 2 types of Training – Basic & Advance Training. Seller can get following benefits :

  • Easy learning content on 150+ topics.
  • Online trainings by our expert on new topics.
  • Training conducted by our experts as per your suitable time.
  • Training provided in sessions & also query session also provided to seller. 


Brand & FBA Registration

Enrolling in Amazon Brand Registry unlocks a suite of tools designed to help you build and protect your brand, creating a better experience for customers.

Brand Registry applications must be submitted by the trademark owner.

If you are an authorized agent, please have the trademark owner enroll the brand first, and add your account as an additional user. If you meet the eligibility requirements, sign in using your existing Seller or Vendor Central credentials. We help you to enroll for Brand on Amazon & protect your Brand.


Amazon FBA is one of the best ways to increase sales, many sellers and businesses face multiple challenges. FBA help’s seller to get Prime Tag and increase sell as well. Performance of seller account improved with FBA. 

Amazon Brand Registry allows a manufacturer to gain complete control of the way his/her items are listed and validate to ensure that the product’s information is up-to-date and accurate.

  • It helps a brand to have complete control over their product listings
  • It ensures that the information given about a product is accurate
  • It helps to increase product sales
  • It helps protect the brand
  • It enhances the brand content
  • It helps improve efficiency
  • It helps to list the products without UPCs or EANs
  • It eases the listing of products
  • It helps create different product variations
  • It eliminates bad listings
  • It comes with enhanced customer support
  • It offers guided instructions to report a potential infringement
  • It allows to search ASIN in bulk and report about any infringement much faster
  • It offers enhanced image search to match any fake logo(s) or product(s) through images
  • It makes sure that the customer reads the correct information about a brand’s product