Photo Shoot

Unicorn Prime Services provide all type of photo shoot services – Product photo shoot, creative images, live photo shoot, Model photo shoot and indoor & outdoor shoots.

  • We Provide photo shoot in studio as well outdoor location
  • We always on the lookout for unique concepts
  • Provide creative photo shoots
  • Unique concept for photoshoot
  • Attractive shoot

Unicorn Prime is athorized service provider of Amazon & Flipkart. Photo shoot for all ecommerce sites and websites provided here.

  • Model(s): Always looking to get fresh photos of Model talent. Reach out, send over a little intro, portfolio,dates, concept, and mood board.
  • Makeup & hair: It’s essential to have a really talented makeup artist and hair stylist on your team, especially if you want your work to look stunning, as well as to save yourself tons of time retouching. Be sure to schedule time and a place for makeup and hair before the shoot, and ask the artists to stay with you during the shoot for touch-ups.
  • Wardrobe stylist: There are so many talented wardrobe stylists out there; try to get in touch with a few: you will be blown away by how much a great wardrobe piece can add to your images.
  • Assistant: It’s the best thing ever to have someone assist you on a shoot. There are so many moving parts, and it’s always super nice to have an extra set of hands on-set.

Creative Images

Creative images are the best way to display your product with real life use or to describe products specification using images.

Creativity of mind make a products beautiful. Innovative work required for improve quality. Best quality, best products display makes product interesting for customers.